Rav Vadgama

Senior Producer & Videojournalist

Fix - Shoot - Edit - Deliver

I’m a quick-turnaround specialist

Field producing, filming and editing material for terrestrial television news and current affairs. HEFAT certified, with deployment across the globe. DBS certified, with extensive experience filming with high-profile talent in challenging locations.
Trained as one of the UK's original Videojournalists by Michael Rosenblum in 1994. Currently shooting on Sony FS7 & Canon XF105, editing on Avid MC8. Uplinking with LiveU and via KA flyaway.


DAVID MORRISSEY - Actor/Director

"I had the great pleasure of working with Rav in Jordan. We were covering the heartbreaking story of the Syrian refugees who had fled there. It was an extremely distressing piece to present and I was helped beyond measure by Rav and his experience in covering such events. I was very proud of the film we made together and sincerely hope we can work together in the future"


"Rav is one of the very first, and still one of the very best videographers and journalists in the business"

Series Director

“Rav is a one man broadcasting machine. Whether he's working in a war zone covering the main story of the day or covering a lighter entertainment story he manages to deliver highly polished work that he has shot, edited and directed"

Filmmaker & author

"An exemplar in media making who also captures the true essence of innovative Videojournalism. Five Ravs - you run a network"

Video Gallery

‘The Living Years'

Online  (April  2017)

Dutch elections

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Alcohol Anon

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Special Olympics

ITV (February 2017)

Trump - Jobs

ITV (January 2017)

Fur sold as fake

ITV (December 2016)

Election 2016 - El Paso

ITV (November 2016)

Aberfan disaster 50

ITV (October 2016)

Piers & Dalai Lama

ITV (September 2016)

I wish my teacher knew

ITV (September 2016)

Dallas in mourning

ITV (July 2016)

‘I Hope’ - Missing People

Worldwide (April 2016)


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